If the gutter system of your home is showing signs of failing, damage can occur to the home’s foundation and walls when it rains or snows. This can occur if the gutters are not properly routed away from the house. So, the gutter replacement cost will depend on several factors including: Labor costs, the materials used and the size of the house.

The Cost Of New Gutters

As it is the case of most home improvements, one of the first things that you will need to consider is the cost for this type of home improvement. So, when you are calculating the cost of gutter replacement, you will need to decide if you are going to install the new gutters yourself, or if you will hire a professional contractor.

If you are going to install the gutters yourself, the cost you pay will be based only on the quality of the materials you are going to use, and the amount of the materials you will need.

Costs For Materials Only

Downspouts and gutters are the most common gutter materials, and the cost vary depending on the material’s quality. The following explains not only the costs of certain gutters, but also the pros and cons of each type.

One of the least expensive types of material you can use in your gutter replacement project is vinyl. It is also a very easy material to work with, and this makes it an excellent choice for DIY home improvement projects.

Unfortunately, vinyl is not as durable as other types of materials. This makes it weaker and less effective, especially in colder climates. The average costs for vinyl gutters will be $150 to $400. These costs are based on a project that is 150 linear feet.

Aluminum is an upgrade from vinyl, and this material is rust resistant, and most materials have a non-corrosive coating applied to it before they are available to consumers.

Aluminum is a material that is bendable, and this means that it can be damaged by large tree limbs. These types of downspouts and gutters are also available in various sizes and gauges (thickness), and they can also be attached in different ways as well. All of these factors can affect the cost and longevity of these spouts.

These are some of the factors that will need to be considered when you want to know the average cost of gutter replacement. Always remember, if a price or quote seems too good to be true, it may be.