Water damage is one of the most stressful situations that any homeowner may find themselves in. This is especially so since water is known to carry a lot of hidden dangers that one may not be able to notice immediately. The trickiest thing is that there could be water damage occurring in some part of your home and you may not even be aware. In the case whereby there is a slow leaking pipe that is either behind your wall or in your basement, water can be accumulating without you noticing it until the damage is too serious. By the time you notice this kind of water damage, the structural damage that may have taken place might be very serious which may also result in you having to deal with mold problems. There are those water damage scenarios which you can notice almost immediately like a like an overflowing toilet or a pipe that has burst.

When you are faced with any water damage situation, the best thing for you to do is to call in a water damage restoration expert who will come and assess the situation which will also tell them the kind of water that they are dealing with. There are several water damage types that an expert in this field may have to deal with. They include:

* Clean water damage
When there is a malfunction with one of your appliances, a pipe bursts or if you have a leak on your roof which is causing water to enter your home, then this is what is referred to as clean water damage. This is one of the easiest types of water damage that you may be faced with since there are no microorganisms that are going to be living in the water which may require additional care to be taken. The biggest challenge that this type of water brings is when the affected areas are not cleaned and dried efficiently. This ends up resulting in the growth of fungus and mold which may bring about health complications.

* Gray water damage
This is the type of water damage that is said to be a bit contaminated. What this means, is that the clean water may turn gray if it is left untreated or dried out for a long period. This type of water may be dangerous since it contains some microbes in it which is why you should not touch it.

* Black water damage
This is one of the most serious types of water damage that you could be faced with. This damage occurs as a result of sewage damage or natural disasters. Since this type of water includes chemicals, bacterial diseases, microbes and pesticides it is important for you to call a water damage restoration expert immediately and do not touch the water completely.