Remodeling your kitchen can transform your home and boost your asking price on the market. Interior
designer Nate Berkus says it is best to do general upgrades rather than those linked to a certain style. If
you decide to sell your home, buyers would prefer it has little to no personal touches.

Here are some upgrades that are worth the money:

It will benefit your home greatly to buy appliances that are of the highest quality. This will give your
kitchen that polished, well-taken care of, and expensive look that attracts visitors and potential buyers.
Berkus suggests you choose a stainless steel set and replace all of your appliances at the same time. This
will give your kitchen a uniform look all at once rather than an unpleasant mish-mash of upgrades.
Upgrades to your appliances is a simple fix because it requires little to no setup. President of real estate
agency Engel & Volker’s, Sandra Miller, suggests you replace the dishwasher if you aren’t in the position
to do a full upgrade, so it won’t be missed down the road.

Neutral colors
Going back to the theme of reducing the amount of personality in your home, neutral colors such as
gray and cream are excellent for increasing appeal. These should be applied to floors and countertops
for the best monetary returns. If you aren’t looking to sell, adding accessories, dishware, and new paint,
are some wonderful ways to make your home match your style. These can be changed with ease to give
your kitchen a fresh look, says Berkus.

A television kitchen
Everyone has seen these chef’s kitchens on their screens. With their bright pots and pans, elegant
stainless steel faucets, large, airy spaces, and huge double-door refrigerators, modeling your kitchen
after those on the television is an excellent investment. ONE Sotheby’s International Realty’s Ida
Schwartz recommends switching from an electric to gas stove and investing in a double-oven. This will
give your kitchen a confident vibe that will stir your creativity and make you believe you’re the next
Rachael Ray. Your friends will be more than happy to contribute to the holiday’s meal.

More space
Today’s kitchens are a gathering area for friends, family, and even pets. The aromas wafting from the
oven and stove invite conversation and relaxation. To accommodate all of your guests you may want to
knock down a wall to connect your kitchen with an adjoining room, or add a window to make your
guests think your kitchen is larger, says Berkus. More space in your kitchen will greatly enhance the
value of your home.

If you aren’t looking to sell, increasing kitchen space has many benefits, such as room for your family to
help with cooking and cleaning, exchanges of recipes, and space to teach your children.

Looking at the numbers, your potential return for upgrading your kitchen can be 3 to 7%, according to a
2015 article from consumer reports. Spending $300 to $5000 you can make your kitchen functional
through minor repairs. With these fixed potential buyers will know you are showing them your home at
its best. After these repairs are complete, you may want to update cabinets, curtains, and paint.

Remodeling your kitchen is a well-known method to improve your home. It can lead to increased
socialization, creativity, and profits.

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