Bathroom remodeling is often emphasized for increasing home value. However, what some homeowners dont realize is that such benefit still depends on the outcome of the project. If you dont want to end up with a disastrous bathroom and reduced home value, make sure you adhere to the following do’s and dont’s.

1. Set a design theme.

Minimalism is undoubtedly the most talked about remodeling theme these days. If you find it too common, you can opt for another theme like country, artistic, or modern. In case you want something similar to minimalism, you can go for an Asian or Zen theme.

2. Invest in top quality plumbing fixtures.

Showerheads, faucets, and downspouts should be among your priorities when shopping for materials. Dont skimp on these as having high quality ones help ensure a better home resale value and attract more prospective buyers.

3. Stick to neutral colors when buying expensive materials.

Neutral-colored materials can outlast the other parts of your bathroom when you carry out another facelift. Thus, if youre going to buy expensive fixtures like bath tubs, choose something in white or gray.

4. Conceal the toilet.

A toilet facing the door is a big no-no except, maybe, for public bathrooms. If yours is set up like this, make hiding your toilet one of your bathroom remodeling tasks. You can hide it behind a wall or a divider.

5. Dont go for a remodeling project without a set budget.

This is basic but its worth reiterating as others just alter their bathrooms based solely on what they want, neglecting what they actually need and can afford. Instead of an investment, remodeling a bathroom without a definite budget may end up as a waste of money.

6. Dont move plumbing.

This is particularly helpful for those who are working with only a limited budget. The total cost of moving your plumbing, and refinishing your bathtub may turn out to be as high as the total expenses for new tiling and other alterations.

7. Dont sacrifice storage.

Theres always a way to set up storage in your bathroom. If yours is too narrow, one option is to set overhead cabinets. You can also have a custom-made cabinet under your sink. For spacious bathrooms, be more generous on setting up storage.

Bathroom remodeling can be an exciting project to undertake. But make sure you spend time planning the design and shopping for materials. Dont rush the changes. While you may renovate your personal bathroom on your own, it will be better to hire a pro.